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Nuclear power plants

Nuclear energy:
In 2008 there are 438 nuclear power plants active worldwide. They produce 16% of the worldwide electricity production. How many nuclear power plants there are at each country can be seen below.

When the total energy production of a country is viewed, then france has the highest percentage which is coming from nuclear energy ( 77.5% percent ):

The biggest nuclear power plants:
According to Guiness World Records, Japan's Kashiwazaki nuclear plant, with 7 operating units and total capacity of 8,212 MW is since 1997 the largest nuclear power plant of the world.

This power station produces sufficient energy to cover the domestic electricity use of 16 million households. Considering that a 1.5 MW onshore wind turbine covers domestic electricity use for a 1000 families, the Kashiwazaki's annual energy output is equivalent to 16,000 wind turbines.

The Bruce station is the largest nuclear facility in North America in terms of output and also the second largest nuclear facility in the world, comprising 8 CANDU nuclear reactors located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, having a total output of 6,232 MW and 7,276 MW when all units are online. Bruce Power is Canada’s first private nuclear generating company and the source of more than 20% of Ontario’s electricity. Located approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Toronto, they currently operate six reactor units and are in the process of restarting two more at their Bruce A generating station:

The biggest nuclear power plant in Europe, and the 3rd biggest in the world is the Zaporizhzhya power plant in Zaporizhzhya in Ukraine with a capacity of 6000 MW.

The Ulchin Nuclear power plant in South Korea is the 4th biggest power plant in the world with a production of 5900MW:

Other big nuclear power plants are as followed:
Yonggwang nuclear power plant in South Korea with a capacity of 5900MW ( Same capacity as the Ulchin nuclear power plant )

The Gravelines Nuclear Power Plant with a capacity of 5706MW in France. This one is located in Nord France and is 20 km from Dunkerque and Calais. Its cooling water comes from the North Sea. The plant houses 6 nuclear reactors. Two entered service in 1980, two in 1981, and the last two in 1985. It was the largest nuclear plant in the Europe until surpased by the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. The site employs 1680 regular workers:

The nuclear power plant in Paluel ( France ) with a capacity of 5528MW, and the Nuclear power plant EDF in Cattenom, France ( 5448MW )

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