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Steel factories

The steel market:

Steel, the recycled material is one of the top products in the manufacturing sector of the world.
Steel Industry is a booming industry in the whole world. The increasing demand for it was mainly generated by the development projects that has been going on along the world, especially the infrastructural works and real estate projects that has been on the boom around the developing countries. The main demand creators for Steel Industry are Automobile industry, Construction Industry, Infrastructure Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, and Container Industry. The total output from the industry exceeds 1.4 billion tons in 2005, most of it augmented by the increase in output from China.In the image below you can see the steel production of each steel producing country shown as a percentage of the top producer China:

The top producing countrys are China, India, USA, Germany, Italy, Brasilia, Japan, and South korea. The global steel industry is highly cyclical, very competitive and still fragmented in terms of market share:

The biggest steel producing companies are Arcelor mittal, Nippon steel, JFE, POSCO, Shanghai BAO steel corporation as you can see in the image above. Most of these companies have multiple steel factories across the world. The biggest steel factories are found in Asia and especially in China, Japan, and South Korea.

BAO Steel Shanghai:

The biggest steel factory in terms of production in the world is Bao steel in Shanghai in China. The Baosteel factory in Shanghai occupies an area of 20 by 20 kilometres or approximately the size of Macau. The Baosteel factory in Shanghai has about 39,000 employees (2006), of whom some 23,500 are production staff, 11,500 are technical staff and around 3,700 are managerial staff. About half of the employees have a college or university degree.

The second biggest steel factory in the world in terms of production is the giant factory of POSCO Steel not far from Suncheon in South Korea. Constructed in four phases between September 1982 and October 1992 on Koreas southern coast the nation's second integrated steelworks is among the world's most advanced.The Crude Steel Production (2004) = 16.23 million tons. The enormous amount of iron ore, and coal in this facility used to make the steel can be seen below:

The PASCO steel factory in Poyang South korea is a huge steelfactory in Poyang in South Korea and the third largest in the world. The Crude Steel Production (2004)=12.67 million tons.

The Nippon steel factory in Kimitsu ( tokyo ), is an enormous steel factory at the east of Tokyo and the fourth biggest in the world with a crude steel production of 10.66 million tons. The site has an area of 11.720.000 m2. On the other side of the bay of Tokyo and opposite to this one is the other big Nippon steel factory in the agglomeration of Tokyo.

Other big steel factories:
Among the largests 10 steel factories in the world are also:
The magnitigorsk steel factories in Russia:

The kryssengrup steelworks in Duisburg:

steel factories in Taronto in Italy, Mittal steel in Kryvyi Rih in The Ukraine, The steel factories in Gary in the USA, and the Corus steel factory near Ijmuiden in The Netherlands.

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