Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Germany's coal mines

Germany's coal mines:
Germany is a country which always depended highly on coal for producing elektricity. Most of all because Germany had huge coal fields especially in the province of Nordrein Westfalen, and East Germany near the border with Poland. In the last 20 years this dependence of coal highly reduced but Germany still has very impressive coal fields left with most of the time huge coal power plants next to it. This wasteland for example is the Boxberg coal mine in East germany:

The impressive 1200 MW coal power plant is standing next to it:

Further north west of the Boxberg coal mine is the mine of Welzow Sud. One of the biggest coal mines in Europe. In this mine in East Germany that is now closed you can even see an F60 excavator which is the biggest movable tool in the world:

A very impressive mine in East Germany is the coal mine near Breisnig. This coal field stretches for almost 6 kilometers:

The giant F60 excavators can be seen at work here:

Most of the coal mined here is going to the Powerplant of Janschwalde not far from the mine:

In west germany even bigger coal mines can be found. This coal mine near Garzweiler has 3 huge cole power plants near it. The closest to the mine is the The coal power plant near Frimmersdorf:

Not far from here the coal power plant of Neurath can be found:

And the power plant of Niederausem is close to the mine either: All of these coal power plants depend highly on the coal mined from the Garzweiler mine.

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