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Hydroelectric power stations

The biggest hydro elektric power stations:
The future biggest hydro elektric power station in the world is the Three Gorges dam in China.The Three Gorges Dam is hailed as one of the engineering feats of the 20th century. This hydroelectric dam spans the Yangtze river in China and is able to produce a total of 22,500 megawatts of electricity which is 20 times more than the Hoover Dam in America:

The Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric power plant which is currently the largest in the world. Built from 1975 to 1991 by Brazil and Paraguay on the Parana River. It took 16 years to build this series of dams whose lenght totals 7,744 meters. It used 15 times more concrete than the Channel Tunnel. The name "Itaipu" was taken from an isle that existed near the construction site. Itaipu, from the Guarani language, means "singing stones". The Itaipú dam is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, according to a worldwide survey conducted by the American Society of civil Engineers (ASCE) in 1995 and is producing 14750 MW.

The Guri Dam is the third largest hydraulic power plant in the world. It is located in Bolívar State, Venezuela in the Caroni River. Its official name is Central Hidroeléctrica Simón Bolívar (previously named Central Hidroeléctrica Raúl Leoni from 1978 to 2000). It is 1300 meters long and 162 m high. The construction started in 1963 with the first part concluding in 1978 and the second one in 1986. It is Producing: 1055 MW:

Among the 10 biggest hyrdro elektric plants are also:
The Tucurui dam in Tucurui, Brazil with a capacity of 8370 MW:

The The Sayanao-Shushenskaya Dam in Russia wit a capacity of 6500 MW:

The famous Grand Coulee dam near Grand Coulee in the USA with a capacity of 6495 MW:

The The Krasnoyarsk hydro elektric dam near Krasnoyarsk in Russia with a capacity of 6000 MW:

The The Bratsk dam in Bratsk, Russia with a capacity of 4500 MW:

And the Paulo Afonso hydroelectric plant in Paulo Afonso in Brazil with a capacity of 3935 MW.

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