Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crazy highway intersections

Complex highway intersections in the USA:
When you look for complex highway intersections you would most likely to find them in the USA. The USA is the country which has the most cars per citizens, and depends highly on travel by road. The city of Atlanta for example which is called the Los Angeles of the South has a lot of these complex highway intersections (Metropolitan Atlanta is approached by thirteen freeways ) . With a comprehensive network of freeways that radiate out from the city, Atlantans rely on their cars as the dominant mode of transportation in the region. This strong automotive reliance has resulted in heavy traffic and contributes to Atlanta's air pollution, which has made Atlanta one of the more polluted cities in the country. The most complex intersection and also the most famous of Atlanta is the Spaghetti Junction where the I285 and I85 cross each other: ( You can also see this junction in bird view with live search maps )

Another complex one in Atlanta can be found here, ( birdview )
Here is another crazy one in Los Angeles (This is the intersection of the I110 and I105 running trough this city):

Los Angeles is knows as the greatest city for cars on the face of the earth.
In Los Angeles a nice car is simply a must, considering the appalling amounts of time Angelenos spend behind the wheel. Because of the enormous amount of traffic found in the city there are a lot of roads. One of the busiest points in LA is this complex crossroad on the Southern part of the city. Other complex ones in he USA are this one in San Diego ( where a hotel is situated beneath ). This one in Chicago, this one in Detroit, and this one in New York.

Complex highway intersections in the rest of the world:
Here is a crazy intersection in Shanghai, China:

And this is not a very nice one to drive in Shanghai either. Some other
Incomprehensible Intersections can be found here in Tokio, here in Osaka Japan, and this one near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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