Monday, March 30, 2009

Turkey point power plant

Turkey Point power plant.
Turkey point nuclear power plant south of Miami in the U.S look's like an ordinairy nuclear plant when you first look at it:

But when you look "better" you can find a huge terrain south of the plant with a lot of canals. This terrain is 8km long and 4 km wide:

This is the largest cooling canal system in the world. The large area of cooling canals have been constructed at the Turkey Point power plant to cool the circulating water. A separate supply of water that cools the turbine steam supply for reuse comes from a unique system of 36 interconnected canals. The canals act like a giant radiator to cool the water in a two-day, 168-mile journey before it is circulated back to the condenser for reuse:

It also happens to be an habitat for the endangered North American Crocodile. As their numbers teetered on extinction, crocodiles found refuge in the warm, salty water of the cooling canals. Here the placid water, filled with turtles, fish and crabs, suits them.

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