Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bauxite mines

Bauxite mines:
Bauxite is used to make aluminium. First the Alumina is refined from Buaxite in an alumina refinery After the Alumina is refined from bauxite the aluminium is extracted from its oxide alumina in an aluminium smelter.

The biggest Bauxite mine is the Huntly mine located near Dwellingup in Australia. Huntly bauxite production has doubled since 1990 and currently produces around 23 million tonnes of bauxite per year. This mine is supplying bauxite ore to Pinjarra and Kwinana Refineries. To transport the Bauxite to the refinery it uses an overland convejor of more then 20 km in length:

At the end of the lines the Bauxite is stored at the refinery bauxite storage side. An even longer conveyor belt is going from this Bauxite mine to the bauxite refinery in Worsley. It is fifthy two kilometers long and is the longest conveyor belt in the world. The worlds second biggest bauxite mine is located near the town of Trombetas in Brazil. This mine transports the bauxite to the nearby bauxite bulk terminal:

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