Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iron ore terminals

The biggest iron ore terminals in the world:
The biggest and most efficient iron ore terminal in the world is situated in Qingdao port in China. 50 million tonnes of iron ore are passing here each year. And yet Huangdao accounts for just one-sixteenth of China's total iron ore use. That seems quite logical if you consider that each year China builds high-rise apartments for 19 million new urban migrants, produces 8.5 million cars, completes 17 major city airports and rolls out tens of thousands of kilometres of railways, tunnels, bridges and elevated highways. In the same Chinese province (Shandong) the Iron terminal of Rizhao port is situated. Rizhao port is one of the biggest iron ore import ports in China. In the picture below you can see the giant iron ore terminal in this port which is the second biggest in the world:

Another major terminal is the iron ore terminal of Sao Luis port in Brazil. This facility has the largest linear loader in the world (16,000 tph capacity) capable of loading the largest bulk carriers. After Brazil Australia is the biggest export country of Iron ore. In Port Hedland in Australia a huge iron ore terminal is situated which is for sure among the biggest in the world:

And in Dampier there is another huge terminal. To be precise 2 terminals; here and here at the Intercourse Island, off Dampier. This view below shows the iron ore stockpiles, ship-loading jetty and port control tower on Intercourse island:

Most of the Iron ore of this terminal is coming from the Tom Price iron mine 320km inland

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