Friday, March 6, 2009

Center pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation:
In an area with a dry climate center pivot irrigation is often used . This way it is possible to have agriculture. This method of agricultural irrigation results in a circular field of crops. A huge column of sprinklers, fixed to the ground at one end, slowly travels around in a circle whilst spraying the crops below:

The system is common all over the world but it is especially used in parts of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and in desert areas in the Sahara and the Middle East. There is no place on earth where these kind of crops are more numerous then in the dry mid-west of the U.S. Like for example here in Texas, or here in Kansas.

More special is it when these crops are in the middle of a desert, like
here in Jordan:

or here in Lybia in the Sahara. The water for this project is stored in giant water tanks:

and here in the Sahara in Lybia:

Very large desert irrigation projects are situated here in southeastern Libya which is called the Al Khufrah Oasis ( This is one of the largest agricultural projects in a desert area) and here in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

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