Monday, February 23, 2009

Busiest road bridges

Most of the busiest road bridges are located in metropolian areas where rivers devide them in two parts. These kind of bridges have to take a huge amount of traffic each day. The George Washington bridge, linking Manhattan to New Jersey, is the most heavily used bridge in the world, with a daily traffic of over 300,000 vehicles:

When also taking in acount the amount of pedestrians using the bridge the Howrah bridge in Kolkota is the busiest bridge crossing in the world. It connects the east and the west part of this city with 15 million inhabitants. It successfully bears the weight of a daily traffic of approximately 150,000 vehicles and an unbelievable amount of 4,000,000 pedestrians:

The Oakland bay bridge in san Fransisco which is the main traffic road bewteen east and west San Fransisco is also among the busiest bridge crossings in the world. It carries approximately 270,000 vehicles per day:

In Europe the busiest bridge is the Bosphoros bridge in Istanbul. This bridge is connecting the Asian part of Istanbul with the European part. Nowadays, around 180,000 vehicles pass daily in both directions, almost 85% being automobiles:

Other bridges which are also considered one of he busiest in europe are the Kingston bridge in Glasgow in Scotland (It is carrying around 150,000 vehicles every day), and the Van Brienenoord bridge in Rotterdam in the Netherlands with over 250,000 vehicles every day.

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