Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cool cable cars

Cool cable cars:
The cable car track towards the vacation island of Vinepearl near Nha Trang in Vietnam is the longest cable car to cross a sea in the world. It is 3310 meters long. The system excists of 9 pillars each with a height of about 55 meters measured from the orange foundation structures (seen in the pictures below) to the top. This foundation structure is 8 meters above sea level so you are basically hanging 63 meters above the sea:

From this ideal height, sitting in the cabinet, visitors can enjoy the panorama of pretty Nha Trang city embraced by meandering beaches and the paradise-like beauty of Nha Trang bay, one of the world’s most beautiful and famous bays:

The system can transport 1000-1500 people an hour in 60 cabins, each of which contains 8 people. A similair cable car is this one in Singapore. This thing brings people from the main land of Singapore towards the resort island of Santosa. The cable cars start at the harbour front tower:

They are hanging 85 meters above sea level offering a great view over the skyline and harbour of Singapore:

And what about the cable cars that are going to the Langkawi sky bridge on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. This sky bridge is 800 meters above sea level:

To get there you first have to travel from the village to the middle station 700 meters up in the sky. You can see that station all the way up the mountain in the picture below:

And from there you have to go to the top station station where the sky bridge is located. If you are afraid of heights this is probably one the most stupid things you can do:

Probably the most scary cable car in the world is situated near the mountain of Aguille Di Midi in France. This thing is also officaly the heighest cable car in the world and is going to the summit of this mountain:

This thing is going ridiculously steep and brings you 2800 meters in the sky measuring from the start point in Chamonix to the end station ( seen in the pictures below):

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